The month of august almost passed and the weather hasn't been all that good, mostly cloudy with regular showers. But even though the weather wasn't all that good I have been riding my bike every day, which resulted in 1 trip to the gas station buying 50 EURO of gas compared to 50 EURO per week.
150 EURO of savings in one month, which stands for 1 full shopping cart at the grocery store, 1 dinner with my wife in a fine restaurant or 201,68 cans of Jupiler beer (33 cl) and I could go on.
This is the first time in YEARS I had to spent so little on gas and the only reason I had to get some gas is that I took my family out on a trip to Paridisio, a nice animal park (www.paradisio.be). The reason I took the car for this trip is I took my wife and 3 kids and they just don't fit on my bike.

In the park you find a beautiful chinese garden, a grotto where bats fly loose, monkey island where monkeys come and eat of your hands, and lots more. But there is also ship, the Mersus Emergo, where you can visit 'SOS Biodiversity', an exhibit on the impact of what mankind is doing to the planet. The exhibit includes an overview of endangered species, the gruesome details on how some animals are butchered for their fur, skin, and what not. Part of the exhibit tells you can do for the environment as an individual but als as a business. In a text on what businesses can do I noticed the following: 'use more bicycle couriers' and 'install showers at work for employees that use their bicycle to come to work'. I thought it was great this is encouraged here and must say it surprised me.
If you ever have the opportunity to visit this park especially with your kids, don't hesitate, it is really worth your while.

Ok, now stay away from gas stations you hear, there are more fun things to do with your money!


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