I have been a fanatic gearhead for years and must admit that sometimes it itches. Today I gave in and I visited the annual VW Classics Meeting but I must admit I watched it through different eyes than before. In the past when I visited such events I saw at least a dozen cars that interested me and I even considered buying. Well, not this year, I admit enjoying the visit because the atmosphere was great and I had a couple of beers but I wasn't lusting after any of the vehicles present. Then again nobody paid attention to my bike (it's a Schwinn not a VW), even though it was the only not VW-related vehicle on the grounds except for a Land Rover 88.

The VW Classics Meeting is a gathering for all pre-1984 air and watercooled classic cars that are Volkswagen related. This means lots a beetles, lots of vans, a mix of all kinds of Volkswagen models and even the occasional Audi or Porsche. There is also a Vintage VW Show with some beautiful cars entering, looking at these cars you can really tell these people care about their hobby and I can appreciate that (if you want to find out more, visit the VW Classics Club site).
The ride to get there was really enjoyable, the sun was shining (28° Celsisus) and there are some great bike trails on the way to Lier. I did not have to look for a space to park and I did not have to make a stop at a gas station.


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