Rising gas prices, a growing fat belly thanks to the office job, young kids you can't keep up with, the joy of riding,... I can keep on thinking of reasons why everybody should start riding a bike.

But hey, eco-awareness, reducing your carbon footprint, preserving nature for your offspring... These are not passing trends, they are here to stay!

First of all, I must make a confession because I have been a gearhead for years and I still have sympathy for sports cars, supercars, muscle cars, and so on. I cannot just pretend that a love that has lasted for a couple of decades is now simply gone. The odd car magazine I get in my hands from time to time still gets read from front to back and from back to front, I simply cannnot erase overnight what I enjoyed for so long. But the desire is not there anymore, the dream I had as a boy to own one of these wonders of technology has vanished, because it just doesn't make any sense anymore.

But riding a bike makes sense, it keeps me fit, saves me money, makes me feel better about myself and I just enjoy doing it ever since I was a kid. So I have decided to start commuting by bicycle, rain or shine! And believe me there's a lot of rain in these parts, often you are wet to the bone before you can even brake, open your backpack and get out your raincoat. But what can I say, no guts no glory.

My intention is to keep you posted on my progress in this matter. Will I keep on using my bike to commute or will I cave in and become an unhealthy guy with a beerbelly who even takes his car to buy a loaf of bread just around the corner?

That's a very big question and if you want to know the answer visit this blog again soon.


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