Commute for the world !!


It's been a while, but we had a thing called winter around here (which doesn't stop a lot people from cycling). The weather conditions and a really bad cold kept me from cycling (you wuss). But I am more motivated than ever to get on my bike again (maybe the extra weight I put on also has something to do with it).

I just became a member of worldcommute.com, an initiative of Cateye (cycle computers, lights, and so on).
On the site you can keep track of the miles you do on your bike, the money and fuel you saved, your carbon offset, and so on.

But you can also keep track of how the world, and each country is doing on that matter (those that are member that is).
Anyway, a fun tool to stay motivated, keep on cycling and contribute to a cleaner world.

Check it out, you may enjoy it!

Next time I'll show how I converted my Schwinn Xtracycle hauler some more (think Schwalbe... think Big Apple).



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