Old Dutch is a bike saved from the scrapyard and is perfect to go into town because it doesn't look so perfect it is not attractive to thieves. All I had to do to hit the road again was add a pair of new tires and a saddle and off I went. Later on I also added a small seat for kids, now every time I want to take it for a spin my two daughters start to fight over whose turn it is this time. The bike is mechanically sound except for the drum brakes (they don't really brake well), but I don't know how to revise them but when I found out how I will make sure to share it with you. It is quite a heavy ride but also very dependable, I don't know what make or year it is because I found it coated in black and left it like that.

My other bike is Schwinn PDG (Paramount Design Group) Series 90 from 1991, it's a chromolybdene frame and the paintwork and Suntour XC Pro group are original. It's a 21-speed with V-brakes and is quite light, this is what I use for my daily commute when I am not too lazy (it happens !).
These are a few of the changes I made to it: Brooks Champion Narrow B17 saddle, adjustable Sartori-EZ handlebar, fork with suspension RST Capa TL and Michelin tires.
Although it's an old workhorse I just love riding it and I am going to change it even more with the xtracycle conversion (http://www.xtracycle.com/) because it seems just incredibly practical. It would also mean I could take both my daughters on a bike trip so they won't have to fight anymore. I will let you know how easy or difficult the conversion was and how much it changes the riding experience.

-- Wergraph

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