Pictures of the Schwinn / Xtracycle conversion

Pic 1 The Donor bike

Pic 2 The FreeRadical

Pic3 Remove the back wheel

Pic4 In goes the FreeRadical

Pic5 Put the wheel in place

Pic6 Add a brake

Pic7 Connect the brake and attach the cables to the frame

Pic8 The stand

Pic9 Connect the gear cable and attach to the frame

Pic10 Attached and secured

Pic11 Next the FreeLoaders and Snapdeck

Pic12 Small detail: don't forget to add a chain :-)

Pic13 Put the FreeLoaders in place

Pic14 Add the SnapDeck

Pic15 The Result, start hauling!


Jon said...

nicely done! Does the stand come with the FR or was that extra?

John Garrish said...

hi there -- is it ok if i post your Xtracycle pictures on my blog?

is this your Xtracycle?


naturally will attribute and so forth. let me know where you prefer i link.

thanks in advance!!